Bullring in Palma

Palma's bullring.


Inspections of the Coliseo Balear bullring in Palma have not found deficiencies in the arena's structure which could have led to Friday's bullfight being called off. The town hall says that the reports refer to certain weaknesses but that these are not considered to be significant enough to warrant cancellation. The organisers have been informed.

Authorisation for the event is to be signed by the mayor, José Hila. The councillor for culture and welfare, Antoni Noguera, has declined to do so.

Palma and National Police will control security outside and inside the arena, paying particular attention to the presence of minors and the consumption of alcohol.


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Justina / Hace over 2 years

Hey Spain, in this day and age using this kind of entertainment is barbaric! We are outraged by your horrific animal torture tradition.


James / Hace over 2 years

"Councilor for Culture and Welfare". That settles it then. Didn't the Romans have this public office at The Collesium? Asking for a friend.


bill / Hace over 2 years

fantastic news bring on the bullfight it is great entertainment THIS IS SPAIN live and let live


Amanda / Hace over 2 years

Good bye Majorca, after this year's holiday we will never return! Shame on you! Disgusting cruel sport !


Ian Miller / Hace over 2 years

Great location for opera or open air concert . Thinking it’s 2019 and not the barbaric ages


chris atkin / Hace over 2 years

If you're not a vegan you've no business commenting.


mr chris cogan / Hace over 2 years

why do you still indulge in cruelty of these poor animals...a pathetic, useless exercise, cheered on by moronic idiots....


Steve Riches / Hace over 2 years

Toreador 1 Bull 0 Now you know the score, why bother to go and see such a demeaning spectacle?


james / Hace over 2 years

How in this day and age is something as awful as bullfighting still allowed to go on? I'm on the bull's side and with a bit of luck he'll cause some damage to the barbaric bull fighters


Georgi / Hace over 2 years

Great news !