Palma's Town Hall in the Plaza de Cort. | Foto:Pere Bota

Based on 2017 budgets, the regional audit committee has rated Palma the fourth worst town hall in the Balearics in terms of set financial indicators. Below Palma were Montuiri, Valldemossa and Banyalbufar.

Chief among the reasons why Palma rated so low was so-called structural spending, in particular the costs of personnel and town hall senior officials. Spending rose as a consequence of removing certain constraints.

The committee has considered the town hall's budgetary sustainability, noting the number of invoices from previous years that were not itemised in the 2017 budget.

The town hall closed its 2018 year with a deficit of 2.7 million euros, despite the councillor for finance, Adrián García, having initially indicated that there would be a 2.5 million surplus.

In 2017, Palma saved less than all other town halls. The audit committee evaluated saving as having been 1.8% of all spending. The town hall rated the most financially prudent in the Balearics, Alcudia, had a saving of 212.7%, more than double the town hall's spending in 2017.