Huge fight at Andratx nightclub

Emergency services outside Andratx nightclub.


Up to fifty people are reported to have been involved in a mass brawl in Puerto Andratx on Saturday morning. At around half four, a fight started in a club. Security tried to control the situation and ejected those responsible. However, once in street the situation degenerated into the mass brawl.

When Andratx police and the Guardia Civil showed up, most of those who had been doing the fighting ran off. The ambulance service had to attend to people with a variety of injuries, including a broken nose and a broken wrist. One person had been knocked unconscious. Some tourists were apparently among people who were attacked.

It would appear that the fight involved four groups, many of them known to the police. A patrol detained two of the instigators, who were about to leave the area in a car.

The club in question has attracted a reputation for trouble. Residents say that there is a particular problem at weekends but that the police and the Guardia have to go every night. "We're sick of it," one resident observed.

It is understood that checks are to be made of security measures and age controls at the club.

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Mike Lammers / Hace over 2 years

Same old stories , year in year out . The only difference is that it is now spreading itself to other parts of the island .I truly understand the residents .Looking at the average prices of houses//appartments in Andraxt and the upmarket image ( nothing wrong with this ) , you would expect that these things do not occur there, but unfortunately sadly do .