Anti Bull Fight protest in Palma

The protest by animal rights supporters was met by the playing of the Falange hymn.


The Balearic government is to investigate the playing of the Falange hymn, "Cara al Sol" (Face to the Sun), by pro-bullfighting demonstrators on Friday evening. This could be deemed to have been an infringement of the Balearic law of democratic memory.

The secretary for democratic memory, Jesús Jurado of Podemos, says that his department is consulting the government's legal services in order to determine if this did amount to an infringement of the law. "If it did, we'll be taking measures."

On Twitter, Jurado described the playing of the hymn as a scandal, while also attacking the Constitutional Court for having denigrated the Balearics "ley de toros", which had sought to make the staging of bullfights untenable and had expressly forbidden the killing of bulls.

The protest by animal rights supporters, Jurado noted, had been met by the playing of the Falange hymn; Francoism had been resuscitated.

The protests were held before the bullfight on Friday at the Coliseo Balear bullring in Palma.

Anti-bullfighting demonstrators vastly outnumbered those who were demonstrating their support.


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Biel / Hace over 2 years

Meanwhile, Sr Jesus Jurado’s party, Podemos, regularly sing the Internationale and raise their right fists at meetings, and we are expected to accept this as a political human right.


Georgi / Hace over 2 years

Laws that go against a country's history or culture should not exist at all. The corridas are back to stay in Mallorca as the people in attendance vastly outnumbered the spare protesters outside.


Britbabe / Hace over 2 years

So, legal action may be taken because they played a song but not because animals were tortured and killed. A sad state of affairs.