One of the pit bulls stolen from Son Reus.

One of two pit bull mixes which was stolen from the Son Reus municipal kennels in Palma has been returned. The dog, named Axel, was apparently left by whoever took him at the weekend.

The theft of the two dogs is being treated by the National Police as a case of breaking and entering. There was a forced entry at the kennels, and the taking of the two pit bulls aroused concerns that they had been stolen to be used in dog fights.

Palma's animal welfare councillor, Ramon Perpinya, explained on Monday that police investigations are focusing on this possibility.

"It's a suspicion, and we hope that it isn't the case. But they could have been stolen for fights, as we know that these take place."

Meanwhile, he added, police investigations continue in seeking to track down those responsible for the theft of the dogs, which occurred overnight between Friday and Saturday.

When staff arrived in the morning, they saw that the cages were open and that the dogs weren't there.