Son Caliu cove.

State of the beach is "lamentable."

14-08-2019Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Ciudadanos at Calvia town hall have attacked what the party describes as neglect in not removing posidonia waste from the beach at the small Son Caliu cove:; the beach is totally covered with the remains.

Councillor Consuelo Fernández says that at last week's meeting of the Calvia 2000 agency's board, Ciudadanos had requested the immediate removal of the algae, which was giving the cove a "lamentable" image. She explains that the municipal services agency responded within hours in stating that it removes the waste on an habitual basis in high summer when it is deposited on beaches. With regard to Son Caliu, Calvia 2000 observed that the algae had been removed over the previous few days and was now in a suitable condition.

Fernández stresses that photos taken on Tuesday show that the cove is far from being presentable. "In fact it's as bad if not worse than when we made our request. We are therefore reiterating the need for Calvia 2000 to meet its obligations and remove the posidonia remains immediately."


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GeorgieP / Hace over 2 years

Unfortunately not the only cove to suffer this slow speed of maintenance. Early season tourists were astonished to see Playa Morer y Vermell in Alcudia covered to the height of two feet in places and totally covering the beach. It did get removed gradually but far too slow and late for many tourists, upon whom it will have made a poor impression. If the season is starting earlier then so should maintenance, not wait until an official and arbitrary date, which is far too late.