The large animals in Son Reus take the longest to adopt. | J. AGUIRRE

The number of abandoned animals has fallen this summer according to Son Reus kennels.

However, already in 2019, 1,118 dogs and cats have already been handed over to the Son Reus municipal animal protection health centre.

gatos en adopción en el Centre Sanitari Municipal de Protecció Animal Son Reus

Of these, 288 are chipped, 563 are strays and 267 have been given up by their owner.

At the moment, this season, "we have enough cages", says the new Animal Welfare Councillor, Ramón Perpinyà. "This summer there hasn't been a big increase". The Son Reus facilities have 110 cages.

In spite of everything, he warns that "it is at the beginning and end of summer when there are more abandonments". "It is estimated that in Palma there are 100 thousand dogs and Son Reus has 80".

Perpinyà gives more figures. So far this year, 527 animals have already been adopted and 78 dogs and 30 cats are now ready for adoption.

The important thing, for Perpinyà, is "to find an adopter as soon as possible, especially for the large animals that take longer to find a home".

Regarding the state of the kennels, Perpinyà assures that improvements are being made "following the deadlines of the administration".

The council plans to make a second operating room and recruit a new veterinarian, among other measures.