Rentals are typically for families or groups of up to eight people. | TONI DIAZ

Click&Boat, a website specialising in the rental of recreational boats, has identified Majorca as being one of the most in-demand destinations not just in Spain but in Europe as a whole.

According to the results of a website study, the typical profile of a holidaymaker seeking a boat in Spain is European male, aged between 45 and 55 with medium-high to high spending power. Rentals are for families or groups of up to eight people and are typically for a week in July and August.

British, Germans and Dutch are the leading nationalities; Italians lesser so.

Bookings are usually for groups of up to eight people and for which three cabins are sought. Launches are the most popular (53%), followed by sailing boats (31%), catamarans (ten per cent) and ribs (six per cent).

One of the study's findings emphasises the valuable role of boat skippers for visitors who are unfamiliar with a destination.

Also valued are services provided by boat operators and owners, such as catering and airport transfers.