So far this summer there have been 215 expulsions in all. | T. DIAZ

In June, 150 tourists were expelled from hotels which are members of the Palmanova-Magalluf Hoteliers Association. The number of expulsions for bad behaviour has since slowed. So far this summer there have been 215 in all.

In 2018, there were 93 expulsions, so there has been an obvious increase this year. This may, on the one hand, indicate that hotels are less tolerant of bad behaviour; on the other, it may be because of a tourist profile provoked by lower prices.

The president of the association, Mauricio Carballeda, suggests that the expulsion rate is linked to pricing. "We are concerned by the increase in this type of tourism brought about by lower prices."

Mauricio Carballeda

By "this type of tourist", he means one that is typically youthful, attracted by the nightlife and all that it offers, and on short stays. It is the type of profile that Magalluf has wanted to reduce and ultimately eradicate.

Insisting that the hotels want to change the "tourism model" because of the problems caused by a segment of the tourist market, Carballeda is realistic in saying that the transformation to higher prices, greater tourist "quality", a longer season and more jobs will take time.

"It is a process for which we should all follow the same roadmap. The hotels, the Council of Majorca, the government and others need to be in constant contact." The future is about qualitative development and not quantitative. "What's important is not how many but how we grow."