Longer queues aer expected at passport control over the weekend. | R.L..

Because of the strike by passport control staff at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport, which starts at midnight on Saturday, the airports authority Aena is drafting in reinforcements in order to prevent long queues.

Over the weekend, when the airport is at its busiest, National Police officers will be on duty at passport control in Module A, which is the one used for passengers from non-Schengen countries, e.g. the UK.

On Saturday and Sunday, Aena says, some 400 flights and 74,000 passengers will be affected. The reinforcement, it explains, is to minimise the impact of the strike and not affect the normal operations of the airport in terms of both air traffic and passenger movement.

UK flights will be the most affected as there are more of them than to and from other non-Schengen countries. Tour operators have been advising passengers to arrive at the airport earlier than normal for security checks.

Hotels and transfer coach operators are arranging for holidaymakers to leave earlier for the airport.