The Guardia Civil are investigating the fraud allegations. | Ultima Hora

Five people are under investigation after the Guardia Civil uncovered alleged insurance frauds relating to an establishment in Magalluf.

At the end of last summer, the owner reported a supposed offence of damage caused to the bar; this was to a value of 200,000 euros. Claims were made in respect of effects and machinery, which were subsequently found not to have been on the premises.

A claim was also made for the payment of work which was not undertaken. The conclusion was that the offence of damage had been staged in order to make an insurance claim.

The investigation has discovered that was a "strange fire" at the same establishment in 2017. Because the bar had to be closed, there was an insurance claim, which was paid, of 300,000 euros.

The Guardia have found that the fire was intentional and have also came across false invoices and discrepancies in expert opinions. As a consequence, the investigation has considered the role of two experts whose reports contain allegedly false opinion.

In addition, two self-employed workers have been placed under investigation in respect of repair work put at 120,000 euros that was not carried out but which was billed and paid by the insurance company.

In all, therefore, the fraud committed against the insurance company is said to have been over 400,000 euros, with the further claim still outstanding.