Terraces are one of the main attractions of the restaurants in La Lonja, although the time regulations imposed by the City Council have had a negative impact on some businesses. | Paco S. Pérez

The president of the Majorca Restaurants Association, Alfonso Robledo, believes that the old part of Palma is becoming a benchmark for high-quality cuisine because of the excellence of chefs and the variety of restaurants.

In terms of business, Robledo says that the summer period has been very positive because of the number of clients. As for the year as a whole, it's a case of wait and see, but the balance at present is positive.

The volume of business over the summer has been much the same as last year. There are satisfactory results because "the quality-price ratio is very good, something appreciated by residents and tourists".

Despite some complaints about high prices, Robledo insists that rather than there being talk about whether the restaurant sector is expensive or not, it should be on the quality of the product and the variety of restaurants.

Although the season is proving to be good, the association continues to be critical of town hall ordinance which has brought forward terrace closing times and has had "a catastrophic effect" on restaurants in La Lonja. These restaurants are suffering financial losses as tourists aren't going to eat as they know the terraces will close at 11pm.

Palma, stresses Robledo, is "a tourist city". In the summer months it is "absurd to limit hours and not be able to work until midnight, which is logical". The new hours are "harming everyone".

The boutique hotels in Palma's centre have had a particularly positive impact on the restaurants. The president of the Palma Hoteliers Association, Javier Vich, says that hotel clients with high spending power bring benefits to the city's productive sectors.