This Autumn is going to be warmer than usual in the Balearics. | A. Sepúlveda - archive

The weather website is forecasting that meteorological autumn (from the first of September to end-November) will be much warmer than usual.

The website states that the Balearics and the eastern region of Spain will have the greatest probability (over 70%) of having a warmer autumn.

As for rainfall, the website predicts that Ibiza and Formentera will be among parts of Spain where there is least precipitation, while Majorca and Minorca will have rainfall that is around the average level.

The summer, eltiempo notes, has been very hot on the mainland, with record temperatures such as 39C in San Sebastian in the Basque Country.

Mar Gómez of eltiempo says that the summer has been especially hot and that the temperature of the Mediterranean is particularly high. "Rain in the region over the coming months could be torrential."