Sebastià Sansó

The director general for waste and environmental education, Sebastià Sansó,


The environment ministry reports that fourteen projects related to the circular economy have been selected for funding from tourist tax revenue.

One project is a plant for returnable packaging, e.g. plastic bottles. Another is for composting from hotels' organic waste which will be used by the agricultural sector. Funding for both is 150,000 euros.

In general terms the projects are for promoting the circular economy, the sustainable management of tourism-related waste and job creation for people at risk of social exclusion. There were four categories for projects - the reuse of products; preparation for the reuse of waste; composting and other biological transformation processes; regeneration and recycling of oils and fats.

Among other projects are a pilot plant for processing local fruit and vegetables, another pilot scheme for environmental management measures at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport, and one for the sustainable management of textile waste generated by the tourism industry.

The fourteen projects had, in total, requested 2.99 million euros of tourist tax funding. Only a third of this had been set aside and will be made available. The director general for waste and environmental education, Sebastià Sansó, says that the figures show there is great interest in projects for "a change of model towards the social and circular economy".


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E Weldon / Hace over 2 years

Where has All the Tourist Tax GONE?? What was it spent on? How much was spent?


Biel / Hace over 2 years

“Textile waste generated by the tourism industry” What ? Beach towels and knickers they left behind ?