Gorg Blau, one of the reservoirs in the Tramuntana. | Liebe Leser, Magazin

The rainfall deficit in Majorca since the start of this year has been 49%. Miquel Àngel Gili of Aemet in the Balearics says that this deficit was 37% over the last quarter and that in August the average rainfall was 17.7 litres per square metre, 2.8 litres fewer than the historical norm.

There have now been ten consecutive months with lower than average rainfall in Majorca. This situation will, in all likelihood, mean that the environment ministry has to declare a state of drought pre-alert for the whole island, with the possible exception of the water demand unit in the Pla (plain) region.

The Tramuntana North unit was placed on pre-alert at the start of last month.

In terms of temperatures, the average in Majorca in August was 26C, whereas the historical average is 25.2C. Gili describes this difference as "very significant".

Moreover, the averages for maximum and minimum temperatures last month were, respectively, 31.4C and 20.7C. In both instances, they were 0.8 degrees above the historical averages. The highest temperature in August was 39.9 Celsius in Pollensa on the ninth.

On Monday, there was rain across much of the island, but the levels of rainfall were not of real significance. The Son Torrella weather station in Escorca registered 9.8 litres, which was the highest recording.

Elsewhere, there were, for example, 7.1 litres in Andratx and seven litres in Sa Pobla. Temperatures had moderated, with the maximum having been 30.5C at the Cap Blanc weather station in Llucmajor.

Pre-alert for drought would mean specific campaigns for water-saving. These could entail restrictions on use, increases in water rates, and more supply from desalination plants.