The National Police Homicide Group arrested the 25-year-old girl, of Argentine origin, in Palma. | Ultima Hora

A 25-year-old female cousin of Milagros Alanis Moyano, who died in July after taking ecstasy, was arrested by the National Police last month when she went to the police HQ in Palma and admitted having facilitated the sale of the drug to her cousin.

The police have since examined her phone. From conversations, it would appear that she bought eleven ecstasy pills in Plaça Serralta and then sold these to Milagros and a group of friends.

There would appear, however, to have been another contact with the individual who had originally sold the drugs.

The day before the music festival at Son Fusteret that Milagros was to attend, Milagros sent a photo of an ecstasy pill to her cousin.

The drug dealer had apparently gone to her home and sold her three pills.

At the Origen Fest event at Son Fusteret on the fourteenth of July, Milagros suffered a shock and was taken to Son Espases Hospital with hypothermia.

Two days later, she was transferred to a specialist clinic in Barcelona where she died the following day.