The same thief has been caught on security cameras again. | Ultima Hora

The National Police report that a 38-year-old Algerian who was ordered to leave Majorca continued to steal from passengers at Son Sant Joan Airport.

He was arrested in August, suspected of numerous thefts at the airport, having previously been arrested for exactly the same offences.

After his arrest in mid-August, a court ordered him to leave Majorca within 24 hours of his release.

The court also imposed an order prohibiting him returning to Majorca for ten years. However, he didn't obey the expulsion order.

Last Friday, the police arrested him once more, they having been "surprised" that security camera images revealed that a suspected thief at the airport was the same person.

One attempted theft of a suitcase resulted in him being chased around the airport by a passenger.

As before, he had been dressing like a passenger so as to go unnoticed and had worn sunglasses and a cap in order to hide his face.

He has now been charged with the further offence of having failed to comply with the court order.

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