The bull run at Fornalutx

This year's event attracted fewer spectators than in the past.

06-09-2019Pere Bota

The Fornalutx "correbou" bull-run was held this morning. A tradition of the village's fiestas, the run is not like it was.

Balearics animal protection legislation, the so-called "ley de toros", permitted the bull-run so long as significant changes were made.

One of these is that the bull is not slaughtered after the run concludes.

This year's event attracted fewer spectators than in the past. A group of animal rights protesters carried banners denouncing animal mistreatment.

The Guardia Civil were not required to intervene. The protest was peaceful; there were no incidents.

The bull, named Rap, weighs 560 kilos. He was made available for the occasion by the association of breeders of Majorcan bulls.

A laurel wreath was placed around his neck, and the run (more of a walk than in the past) created no problem.

When bulls used to be taunted and held by ropes attached to their horns, it wasn't unknown for them to cause damage.

After half an hour, it was all over, and Rap was led to an enclosure before later being taken back to his farm.

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