Alberto Jarabo and Neus Truyol, during the press conference. | Pilar Pellicer

The former president of the Emaya municipal services agency, councillor Neus Truyol, denied yesterday that there had been any inaction or wrongdoing in respect of contaminated spills at Palma beaches over the four years of the last administration.

Truyol insisted that she had acted in a responsible and diligent fashion as the problem of spills was a top priority.

A secrecy order had been applied to the investigation into the spills and allegations of misuse of public funds.

This has now been lifted, and so Truyol presented a response but not regarding specific charges which may or may not be laid; she is only under investigation at present.

"An alleged environmental crime is being investigated, and so there is no more to be said about this."

Instead, Truyol explained steps that had been taken to address the spills. "From the first moment, we worked on finding a solution."

A demand was made to the national environment ministry for it to build a new water-treatment plant because the existing one in Coll d'en Rabassa is 44 years old and obsolete.

The town hall administration demanded that the Balearic government handed over money that had been raised by the water sanitation charge in Palma.

When the Partido Popular were in power from 2011 to 2015, not a single euro was invested from this revenue. An agreement was reached with the government for the town hall to receive 35 million euros to invest in projects for the water cycle.

One of these is the new collector which will be ready in two years time and mean a 90% reduction in spills.

Furthermore, "all necessary measures were taken to protect the environment and people's health". This involved information provided to the public about spills.

Truyol was accompanied by various councillors, one of whom - town hall spokesperson Alberto Jarabo - stated that the PP had made zero investment, had hidden the spills from the public and had not closed beaches. He did then add that in 2014, for example, there were ten spills and four red flags, but that the flags had been for bad weather.