Calo des Moro

The beach Calo des Moro joins to smoking ban.

08-09-2019M. CLADERA

Having decided to declare the beach at Caló des Moro no-smoking, Santanyi town hall is preparing to go a step further and make it no-alcohol. By doing so, the town hall wishes to put a stop to the illegal sale of alcohol and to anti-social behaviour at the beach and to also reduce overcrowding.

The town hall is drafting a revised public order bylaw which will establish fines of between 50 and 3,000 euros. These fines will be applied in general in order to, for instance, regulate the consumption of alcohol in public places and to tackle graffiti and noise. The current bylaw dates back to the 1980s. It is expected that this revised bylaw will be approved at a council meeting in November.

Caló des Moro is one of just a handful of beaches which have been declared or are to be declared no-smoking. The environment and health ministries are leading the campaign for beaches to be made no-smoking but have said that decisions are up to town halls, that these decisions are voluntary and that no fines have been envisaged. It would seem, however, that Santanyi is contemplating fines for Caló des Moro.

The town hall points to the environmental damage from cigarette ends and to problems of behaviour associated with the drinking of alcohol. In "certain zones" there is sale of alcohol without any type of licence, and drinking leads to anti-social and "dangerous" behaviour. "There is a serious problem, not just legal and environmental, but also for public health."

With regard to graffiti, the current bylaw doesn't apparently include any sanction, wherever the graffiti might be. Last year, there was graffiti on rocks in Cala Figuera. The police knew who was responsible but were unable to apply a sanction.


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Stan / Hace over 2 years

All Beaches should have an area for the Nicotine drug addicts to congregate. Along with the Blow Pipe white smokers. Bins to be provided for theirCancerous waste. The combinations of Blur and White Cancer smoke should increase their early demise.


harvey / Hace over 2 years

Mike, I take it you are a non smoker?

Some of us love sunbathing on the beach and have an occasional smoke while sitting on our sunbeds. One thing i am 100% against is people smoking and then just chucking the ciggie butt in the sand. I always take my own ashtray. The powers that be should have at the entrance to the beaches, foil ashtreays that you pick up and use when on the beach then empty or throw them in a bin. Or barring that make a law where you have to take your own ashtray onto the beach. Simple really!


Mike / Hace over 2 years

Santanyi town hall 👍👍👍👍👍 now roll it out to every beach 👍