Valldemossa is Majorca's wealthiest municipality. | ULTIMA HORA

The average income per person in Majorca varies greatly according to municipality and indeed to areas within municipalities. Palma highlights this difference. Income is four times greater in certain neighbourhoods than in others.

The "atlas" of household income distribution produced by the National Statistics Institute uses 2016 data in showing that Valldemossa is Majorca's wealthiest municipality and Lloseta the least wealthy. Valldemossa has an average annual income per person of 18,168 euros; in Lloseta this is 9,978 euros. Sant Llorenç is the only other municipality where the average is below 10,000.

In Palma, the variations in the 250 or so districts can be as much as 15,000 euros or more. In Sa Teulera-Son Dureta, the average is 20,408 euros. In Son Gotleu it is 4,967, which makes Son Gotleu the poorest neighbourhood in the whole of Spain. Sa Teulera-Son Dureta, by contrast, is among the two per cent wealthiest neighbourhoods in the country.

Elsewhere in Majorca there are these differences depending on areas within municipalities, but they aren't as great. In Calvia, the wealthiest parts have average incomes of around 18,000 euros; in the poorest the average is 9,000 euros.