Guardia Civil at the scene. | R.S.

The Guardia Civil have questioned a 26-year-old Argentine who was working as a lifeguard without possessing the necessary qualifications.

A few days ago, uniformed officers went to a hotel in Cala Bona. They had information that there was an unqualified lifeguard at the hotel's pool. When the officers appeared, the fake lifeguard made a dash for it; he was quickly stopped. His passport was in a backpack. This identified him as Luis Alberto P. from Argentina. He admitted to officers that not only wasn't he a qualified lifeguard, he also didn't have the necessary papers to be in Spain.

The hotel management showed officers the contract it has with a company which supplies lifeguard services. The hotel was unaware of his status in Spain and of his lack of qualification. It would seem that he didn't have an employment contract with the company, which is now being investigated by the Guardia Civil, who have informed the employment and health inspectorates.