Alejandro Bellapart with the children. | R.D.

Majorcan lawyer and president of AG Children, Alejandro Bellapart, has recently been back in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, where he has delivered sports kit to orphaned children.

This initiative started some years ago, and it relies on help from sports shops and small sports clubs in Majorca. Bellapart says that he has good relations with clubs which have kit in perfect condition that isn't being used. This has been put to good use in meeting the needs of orphans who he helps.

There are two orphanages in particular which benefit - Pouponnière Topougon Attie and Orthelinat de Garçons de Bingerville. "I go to the Ivory Coast a couple of times a year. Among the efforts is making life more bearable for the children." He delivers the kit personally. There are shirts, shorts, trousers, boots and footballs. On the most recent visit, last weekend, he donated material from the San Cayetano football club in Palma, Voleibol Pòrtol, and the Sporting Store in Palmanova.

"There is a commitment to sport as an essential activity in the development of the children. This is why we take the kit." There is also a need to renew blankets, sheets, mattresses and towels. "Having got to know the needs of the orphanages, AG Children will be working on gathering these items."