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The draft of the law to tackle so-called tourism of excesses is due to be ready before the end of the year. The minister, Iago Negueruela, told parliament's tourism committee on Thursday that the legislation will be one of "consensus" with the aim of combating "the excesses that affect the quality and competitiveness of the islands as a tourism destination".

Negueruela gave little indication as to what this legislation will actually entail. It is expected that it will include some regulation of all-inclusives, though it seemed evident that when the former minister, Bel Busquets, was attempting to get regulation through, there was opposition from within the government. The most contentious aspect had to do with ending all-day free alcohol, a measure that various sources, such as Abta, say is simply wrong. Drinking at all-inclusives doesn't contribute to the tourism of excesses to the extent that some have maintained, while the great majority of guests don't drink excessively.

The legislation, Negueruela explained, will not include regulation of cruise tourism. This is to be treated separately.

In setting out the agenda for the next four years, the minister - who is also responsible for employment - stated that priority will be given to strengthening inspections in the tourism sector in order to detect "irregularities" and fraud. There will be measures to facilitate investment and therefore continue with the modernisation of tourism facilities, while a key challenge will be addressing tourism seasonality and guaranteeing all-year employment.