Local police with women that were raided on the Playa de Palma. | CNP

The prosecution service in the Balearics is pointing to an increase in cases of human trafficking. Following an instruction from the state prosecution service, these cases are being specified in all regions. The regional service notes: "Human trafficking is a new form of slavery, degrading humans to being just objects."

In the Balearics, information from the office for foreign citizens highlights the presence of Nigerian women, who are trafficked for the purposes of sexual exploitation and committing offences. In its latest report, the regional prosecution service refers to problems posed in taking action against this trafficking. "Obtaining a statement from victims is extraordinarily difficult." These problems are exacerbated by the influence of "traditions and culture" in the victims' home countries.

Culture is also identified as a factor which creates difficulty for dealing with trafficking involving Romanian citizens and people from South America. With regard to Chinese people, there is the added complication of the language barrier.

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation, the report adds, are often linked to other crimes, such as money laundering. The prosecution service is recommending that courts make specific arrangements whereby victims do not necessarily have to appear in court.