A Thomas Cook hotel in the Playa de Palma

A Thomas Cook hotel in the Playa de Palma.


Tourism ministers and others from five Spanish regions held emergency talks with the national tourism minister Reyes Maroto on Tuesday and called on the Spanish government to provide financial assistance to the hotel industry in these regions.

Andalusia, the Balearics, the Canaries, Catalonia and Valencia are all affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook. Ahead of the meeting, the Balearics tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, said that the aim would be to "articulate measures that can give reassurance and security" to hotel businesses. There are many hotels, he noted, which don't have assurance that they will be paid.

This is a problem, Negueruela noted, that is being added to by the British government having devoted most resources to repatriating tourists and not compensating businesses. The minister didn't wish to disclose the level of losses that might be incurred.


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E Weldon / Hace over 2 years

UK Tourists had to pay their bills in full to Thomas Cook 10weeks departure date -so hotels have been too easy with Tour Operators! Hotels should be paid in full once the customer/client/tourist checks into the Hotel! Why have Hotels let these holiday Companies off by allowing them to pay later? The Tour companies should be paying their clients interest from having the clients money in Tour operators bank account for ten weeks prior to travel then the weeks following before hotels are paid-disgraceful business practices!


russell gayton / Hace over 2 years

Been here before when court line went bust no abta then but got home ok hotel was great told us to use it as normal 15 August 1972


Kenione / Hace over 2 years

If the Hotels are concerned about not being paid, this is their own fault. If they are so stupid that they provide a service without being paid in advance they need to alter their arangement with the Tour Operators. The Tour Operators are paid by their customers before departing on the holiday and the Hotel should insist on payment before the Guests arrive. If all Hotel owners did this the Tour Operators would have to agree.


RIcky / Hace over 2 years

Financial help for profiteers who are kicking out people with babies? They can afford to survive as capacity will be soaked up by others, although this story about kicking people out has now become so big that the hoteliers are shooting themselves in the foot.


Mike / Hace over 2 years

It’s not up too the British government to pay its Abta who are responsible and its them you need to chase for payment the only priority the government has is to make sure our people are returned home and nothing else ,


John parkinson / Hace over 2 years

The groups who want to ban tourism are very quiet!