Beach clean up.

Clearing the beach earlier this year.

16-07-2019M. NADAL

In August, hoteliers and the holder of the concession for beach services stated that up to 50% of beachgoers in S'Illot were being lost because of the beach's poor condition. This was as a result of the floods in October last year. The torrent enters the sea in S'Illot. The water that was carried by the torrent and which burst out of it deposited massive amounts of debris of different kinds on the beach and in the sea.

Demands by businesses, backed up by Manacor town hall, were being made for proper clearance of remaining debris. These demands were directed at the Costas Authority, whose delegate in the Balearics, Almudena Domínguez, has now met with town hall representatives. She informed the town hall that the Costas will be unable to do anything until a new government in Madrid is formed; the regional delegation would appear not to have a budget to carry out work at S'Illot.

Most of the debris was removed thanks to efforts of local people and the town hall. However, it was unclear how much the town hall could do, given that the Costas have ultimate responsibility. The town hall's delegate for S'Illot, Sebastià Nadal, says that Almudena Domínguez has at least clarified what can be done. He says that there cannot be major operations like moving sand but that removing the likes of stones is acceptable. Some of these, which were lodged on the seabed, have in any event been shifted during voluntary clean-up efforts.

Nadal adds that once the town hall receives confirmatory documentation from the Costas, there will be discussions with the concession holder about the most appropriate measures to be taken and when to undertake these. "The priority is that the beach is in a good condition for next year's tourism season."


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

Next year won't matter for much if tourists now are experiencing dirty beaches. The amount of seaweed making some beaches look terrible is getting to a point where I'm apologizing to new guests. It's the number one attraction for tourists for goodness sake! And a barometer of how much care is taken. Not much it would seem, and so the number of disappointed visitors will increase. Great thinking. Poor management, !way leadership.


Jeru / Hace over 2 years

...And I pay my inflated tourist tax for what exactly ?? .Total swindle .


Fred. / Hace over 2 years

Since last October I have witnessed a considerable amount of repair work in the S Illot Beach area. Removing Cars from the Sea. Removing trees , rocksand lsrge amounts of seaweed from the Bay areas. The walls were repaired and the sand has been cleaned and repositioned twice after more heavy rains. The area now awaits October for more possible serious inclement weather. There have been many Tourists sun bathing and swimming in the Bay area. The Authorities have done a great amount of work in the Urbanisation. They have had to recover from a lot of damage. By next Summer it will all be back to normal.