Playa de Palma. | P. BOTA

The hoteliers association in Playa de Palma estimates that losses caused by the collapse of Thomas Cook are around ten million euros, but adds that this figure is "increasing by the hour" and that it is only provisional.

The association has 113 members with a total of 33,000 beds. Of these 113, 60% had contracts for beds with Thomas Cook. The number of places varied, and for this reason it is as yet difficult to be able to come up with a definitive figure as to the losses. The association stresses that "the damage is enormous".

The president, Isabel Vidal, said on Friday that hotels aren't planning to close early. They intend carrying on until the end of the season "with the help of the authorities".

When the collapse of Thomas Cook was announced, the tour operator had 1,838 clients in Playa de Palma hotels, 90% of whom were German. There were bookings for 8,223 clients up to the end of the season (end-October); 90% of these were also German.