Arran member attacks a rental car.

The Arran group stages numerous anti-tourism acts from graffiti to damaging cars.


Further aspects of the recent survey of public attitudes by the Balearics Institute of Social Studies were cruise tourism, ant-tourism and tourism sustainability.

For the Balearics as a whole, 57% of respondents disagreed with anti-tourism actions, while 29% agreed with them. The rejection was highest in Palma (62%) and the support was lowest, 26%. Twenty-eight per cent believed that tourism was "less sustainable" than a year ago; 47% reckoned that the situation was the same.

Asked about the cost/benefit of cruise ships, 42% of respondents gave a positive rating, which was 13% lower than when the survey had asked the same question in 2018. There was an increase from 13% to 25% in those who gave a negative response. In Majorca, the positive response was higher in Palma (43%) than the rest of the island (38%). In both Minorca and Ibiza/Formentera, this positive rating was 53%.

Twenty-seven per cent of respondents reckoned that cruise ships were responsible for "massification". This was up from 20% last year. Thirteen per cent believed that the ships weren't responsible; this figure was 15% in 2018.

Forty-eight per cent favoured a staggering of cruise ship arrivals (up from 40%), while 24% believed there should be restrictions on the number of ships; this was 19% last year.


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Caroline Jens / Hace over 2 years

People should address their concerns to the hotel developers that are drawing people in with huge developments like the new mega hotel in Camp De Mar. Just stopping cruise ships visiting is ridiculous. Either Majorca wants tourism or it doesn't and at the moment we are getting mixed messages.