Palma prison where both incidents took place. | R.S.

The association for prison officers has highlighted an incident which occurred at Palma prison last week when three officers were injured by an inmate in the isolation wing.

Officers had taken his dinner to his cell. He had apparently expected that they would also be taking him some cigarettes. When he saw that there weren't any, he threw the contents of the tray around the cell, started kicking and punching the window pane and began issuing threats that he would kill officers.

Six officers in all were needed to restrain him. Three of them were injured in the process. According to officers, the day before they had found two sharp items made from a tin in the cell.

Meanwhile, a 64-year-old Spanish woman was sentenced on Wednesday to two years and three months for having attempted to smuggle drugs into Palma prison. These were intended for her 42-year-old daughter.

The mother and daughter at court on Wednesday.

In April this year, the mother went to the prison to visit her daughter. She was searched and found to have 50 grams of marijuana and 1.8 grams of heroin. The drugs were intended for sale in the prison as well as for the daughter's use.