The kitten was taken to Son Reus animal shelter before being adopted. | Redacción Sucesos

A group of youngsters who were passing the Joan Alcover Institute on Plaça Tubo in Palma spotted a kitten which was trapped behind a grille.

They tried to reach the kitten, which was weak and nervous, and give it water, but unsuccessfully. Passersby became aware of the situation, and a National Police patrol was stopped. Officers were unable to locate anyone from the institute, which was closed at the time, and after various attempts to get the cat out, called on the assistance of Palma Fire Brigade.

One of the youngsters offered to adopt the kitten but was told that it would have to be taken to the Son Reus animal centre as there were procedures which needed to be followed. The boy phoned his parents, and they went to Son Reus and formally made the adoption request.