Ex-president of Emaya, councillorNeus Truyol has also been implicated. | plozano


A Palma court is processing the denunciation of the environment ministry for having ignored contaminated spills in the sea; this complaint has been brought by the association of Mediterranean sailors.

The investigating judge and the prosecution service wish to clarify if any senior government official may have committed an offence. They are looking in particular at possible omission of sanctions for spills in the Bay of Palma that were the consequence of deficiencies at a water-treatment plant. The association's complaint partially stems from the fact the regional government takes action against boats which are responsible for spills.

This court investigation is running parallel to the one for which former senior officials at Palma's Emaya municipal services agency are under investigation. As well as officials, the ex-president of Emaya, councillor Neus Truyol, has been implicated. Guardia Civil investigations into this have included searches at the Emaya head office and private addresses.