National Police have this year intercepted 90 people attempting to reach the UK illegal through Balearic airports. | P. BOTA


Three individuals were arrested over the weekend in Ibiza for attempting to smuggle themselves on to a plane bound for London using fake identification.

Since October 10, the National Police have intercepted a total of six people trying to fly to the United Kingdom with fake passports taking the total number of individuals caught attempting a similar stunt to 90 so far this year.

The two men and woman, were caught at passport control.

A fourth individual, a 52-year-old British national, was also arrested at Ibiza airport trying to leave the island. He is apparently wanted by the British police for a spate of crimes including mugging, violence and robbery.

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The National Police said yesterday that the 52-year-old has a criminal record for sexual abuse, kidnapping and arson. He is currently in police custody in Ibiza and may be transferred to Palma where he will be held until the British and Spanish police decide how to proceed.