Service trucks arriving at La Fortalesa, Puerto Pollensa for Rafa and Xisca's wedding. | JULIAN AGUIRRE

Preparations are underway at La Fortalesa, Puerto Pollensa for the wedding of Majorcan tennis champion Rafa Nadal and his fiancée, Xisca Perelló.

Expectations and curiosity have reached dizzy heights in Manacor.

On Tuesday the first service trucks began to arrive at La Fortalesa, it is expected that Nadal or Xisca will arrive today to check on the arrangements.


Archive photo of Rafa and Xisca.

Television crews and magazine reporters have started to arrive in Majorca to cover the event which is shrouded in secrecy with high levels of security.

One area which provides a view of the gardens and outdoor terraces of La Fortalesa is the Pollensa promenade next to the military base, which will no doubt prove to be a popular lookout spot for locals and journalists.

La Fortalesa acoge los preparativos para el enlace de Rafael Nadal y Maria Francisca Perelló.

Aerial view of La Fortales, which will be a no-fly zone on Saturday.

The Rescue Air Service (SAR), has issued a NOTAM or Notice To Airmen banning air traffic and drones from the area above La Fortalesa and issued a warning that anyone caught flying any device in that restricted air space will face fines of between 30,000 and 50,000 euros.