Google maps car in Palma

The Google car was in Palma this morning.


There’s a weird looking car driving around Palma that has a big camera attached to it, but don’t worry, it’s just Google mapping the capital with one of it’s special gadget heavy cars to make sure all the street details are up to date.

The information generated by the company, which is based in Mountain View, California is used by thousands of people every day to help them navigate streets around the world, but because things are constantly changing the Google cars have to physically take to the streets every so often to check that the information that’s been put online is correct. For more information about where the Google cameras are going next just log on to the website.

Users can also opt to use Street View on Google Maps and Google Earth which offers panoramic views from different positions on the roads, allowing people to explore the world without ever leaving home.

Between March and December 2019, Google’s eyes are on Spanish communities, tracking specific districts and regions all over the country, including the Balearic Islands.


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Britbabe / Hace over 2 years

I saw the GoogleMaps car driving round PalmaNova today,