Guilty verdict, sentencing will be in the next few days. | A. SEPULVEDA


A 29 year old man was yesterday found guilty of one count of attempted murder and one count of murder.

The defendant was 27 years old when he stabbed his 46-year-old mother with a bayonet then killed her partner in Costa d’en Blanes on January 11 last year.

Earlier this week the court heard that he threw the bayonet into a neighbour’s garden after he left the house, but when he returned home and found them both alive he attacked them again with a kitchen knife, then called the emergency services and said there were two dead bodies in his house.

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Serious injuries
His mother survived the attack but suffered multiple serious injuries; her partner died at the scene.

On Wednesday psychiatrists who were called to give evidence as to the defendants state of mind told the court that the defendant was definitely aware of what he was doing when the violent attacks took place.

The private prosecution has asked that the defendant be jailed for 25 years and six months and ordered to pay the victims family 150,000 euros, while the prosecution is demanding a 22 year and six month sentence for the murder and 14 more for the attempted murder of his mother.

During his statement before the court on Wednesday the 29-year-old defendant said he was sorry about what happened but then he reportedly laughed at the judge.
The judge will hand down his sentence in the coming days.