Union meeting

The Government met with the CCOO, UGT and CSIF unions.


The CCOO union has issued a statement on the heels of the latest data from the Active Population Survey saying that having a job does not mean getting out of poverty in the Balearic Islands and has demanded the creation of a public housing park to help working class employees with lower wages to get out of poverty.

The union recognises that the EPA data is positive in terms of job creation compared to the previous quarter, because more jobs are generated in summer to meet the demand in the tourism sector but the CCOO attributes the year-on-year increase in the unemployment rate to the “saturation” of the Balearic labour market.

It says the economic model of the Balearic Islands is “based on unproductive activities that base their business on the use and abuse of temporality and precariousness” and that “urgent changes are needed to provide stable jobs all year-round”.

According to the CCOO Ministry of Employment & Training, job creation occurs in seasonal activities such as hospitality and commerce, but the high price of housing, “means having a job does not allow you to get out of poverty” .

The CCOO is demanding a revision of the economic model to open it up to new sectors that can create quality jobs with decent wages, and wants a public housing park to help working class people with lower wages to get out of poverty.


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Yogi / Hace over 2 years

One way for certain that would help everyone is by reducing the costs of having an autonomo. Its cost should be linked to income rather than a high flat rate and the introductory lower rate should be extended further. Accountant charges need to be capped and only required half or whole yearly. By doing this it would give more entrepreneural opportunity for those willing to give it a go and become successful rather than working for someone else. I see many start ups close up every year because the Atmo is too expensive. Dream on though.


Paul Kelly / Hace over 2 years

Witnessed this for myself during a recent holiday in Port de Pollença . Bins regularly been searched through around the back streets of the port.


Bert / Hace over 2 years

Meanwhile, the local government is slashing expenditure.