How has the demise of Thomas Cook and Brexit affected the British holiday market? These are the two key questions the Balearic tourist industry will be asking in London on Monday at the World Travel Market tourism fair which is taking place in London Docklands. There is also concern that the drop in value of sterling against the euro and the knock-on affect of Brexit will mean that British tourists will be seeking cheaper alternatives possibly outside the euro-zone. The message from the Balearic tourist industry is very clear; British tourism is vital for the islands.

Also, the local authorities will want to thank British tourists for their loyalty to the islands over so many years. The number of British tourists coming to the Balearics fell slightly this year and there is concern that this trend will continue in 2020. But, I believe that the British will always come to Majorca, Ibiza and Minorca because it is a lovely affair which stretches back more than 50 years. I would say that the biggest worry for the islands is cost; the Balearics are no longer a cheap holiday destinations. The local authorities would argue that the islands are more expensive than their rivals in the eastern Mediterranean because they are much better and offer much more, which is true.

The Bulletin will be doing its bit for the Balearic push in London with three special editions; two in print and one online. One of our special editions will be distributed across London all next week at key points. London is calling and the Balearics and the Bulletin have heard it loud and clear.