Electric car charging points in Palma

Electric car charging points in Palma.


Aneval is the national association for car-hire firms and represents half of the Spanish sector. It has called on the Balearic government to apply a moratorium to the climate change legislation because of the situation with infrastructure for electric vehicle charging points. The association is also making this request in order that motor manufacturers are given more time to increase the availability of electric vehicles.

The Balearic law sets out the need for two per cent of vehicles bought by the sector in 2020 to be electric and to ensure that 0.6% of the whole fleet of hire cars is electric. However, the association does not feel that investment in infrastructure to accompany these objectives has been sufficient.

The association argues that there needs to be greater incentive to purchase electric vehicles. In the Balearics this year there has been only 0.7% growth. By contrast, in the Canaries there has been 75% growth because the Canaries regional indirect tax has been eliminated for electric vehicle purchase.

According to information from the Anfac motor manufacturers association, the Balearics rank only ninth among Spain's regions in terms of electric vehicle take-up and the development of the necessary infrastructure. This is behind certain regions with lower GDP than the Balearics, e.g. Asturias. With regard to rapid charging points, only the north African cities of Ceuta and Melilla have fewer than the Balearics.

Aneval believes that compliance with the Balearic legislation is made additionally difficult by the fact that of 336 models for sale in Spain only 21 are electric.


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