Artist impression of the tram link

An artist's impression of the tram link from Palma to the airport.


The transport ministry's budget for 2020 includes provision for initial work on two construction projects other than the extension of the Palma Metro to ParcBit. These are the tram to the airport and the railway to Llucmajor, which is planned to extend to Campos and Santanyi.

One million euros have been set aside for the basic project for two sections of the tram; this means the design development phase. For the railway, there are 200,000 euros for the drafting of the initial study.

The ministry's budget includes provision for the integration of public transport tariffs, namely that of the Palma EMT bus service with the rest of Majorca's public transport. There will then be a single travel card for all public transport.

There is a forecast for a 75% discount for inter-island shipping; the Spanish government is to raise its share of the discount from 50 to 75%. Meanwhile, there is also the expectation of a 75% residents' discount for vehicles on ferries.

Contained in the government's budget proposals for next year is the promotion of that segment of the cruise tourism industry which involves small ships and passengers with high spending power. The government believes that this is a growth sector of the cruise market and represents a "significant source" of revenue both directly and indirectly. The ships, the government hopes, wouldn't necessarily include Palma on their itineraries but would use the other state ports, e.g. Alcudia.


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John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

Smaller ships = Tourists with higher spending power.Perhaps the logic of this statement could be explained. No disrespect to Alcudia but if on the island for say six hours,hands up all who would prefer Alcudia to Palma. When these tourists return home how many will say they chose their cruise as much more to see and do in Alcudia