Palma Metro

It is hoped that the Palma Metro extension to the ParcBit technology park will reduce the number of cars on the Via Cintura.

19-03-2019Jaume Morey

Transport minister Marc Pons insisted yesterday that use of tourist tax revenue to pay for the Palma Metro extension to the ParcBit technology park was justified because it will reduce the number of cars on the Via Cintura. The extension will therefore help to cut CO2 emissions.

Pons was responding to points raised by Sebastià Sagreras of the Partido Popular, who accused the government of "a lack of institutional loyalty" in not having allocated tourist tax revenue to town halls.

The metro project, Sagreras argued, should be financed by Madrid. "President Armengol should negotiate with the acting minister for development, Ábalos, and the acting president (prime minister), Pedro Sánchez."

Pons asked Sagreras why he was opposed to there being more rail track, adding that it had been the PP leader, Biel Company, who had made it impossible to extend the railway from Manacor to Arta when he was environment minister.


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Steve Riches / Hace over 2 years

John Little (below) - I agree: the obvious link is from the airport to Palma. BUT the vested interests of the taxi trade make sure it will never happen. I beleve strongly in workers' rights but when it impinges upon the interests or rights of most citizens and visitors it is plainly wrong. It makes this wonderful island inefficient. A prime example is the line from Placa Espana to the University - hardly used by students and not much use to anyone else. Another prime example of stupidity was when the underground line was built and then flooded when it rained because nobody had thought about the effect of gravity on water!


Steve Kane / Hace over 2 years

Yet another MISUSE of the tax the Spanish Government are quids in by using our money to pay for things that WILL NOT benefit those that are forced to pay this rip off tax. When will the tax be used to for example lower the kerbs at pedestrian crossings so ALL disabled can cross in safety when in wheelchairs?


B.Rowe / Hace over 2 years

As a visitor to the Majorca I have always used a coach transfer service and local bus service that I hold in high esteem, reliable, clean and cost effective.

The tourist tax as I see it was introduced to repair and improve the infrastructure that both the locals and tourists use, whilst a new water purification plant does not qualify for the tax, a Metro extension does.

The tourist tax as I see it is to be used to extend the Metro service which is claimed to reduce CO2 by extending the existing service.

To me we are now holding the thin edge of the wedge, if Madrid should pay for something then pressure should be put on them to do so, remember that Madrid claim 20% of the tourist tax.

The arguments here are simple, why should Madrid pay for any infrastructure improvements, fill a hole in the budget as the island council has shown it has ample funding to pay for these things through the tourist tax.

In the coming years Madrid can simply continue to claim their 20%, thank you very much, easy money and decrease the amount allocated to the island.

Why is the question, well the islands have used the funding to prop up the economy in non tourist projects so have already an ample funding stream and before long the tourist tax will become the main funding stream.



John Little / Hace over 2 years

Local politicians are hopeless. The rail line to Arta, the subway extension to Parc-Bit, some sort of rail/tram connection between the airport and the city. All this should have been done years ago and none, none of it should be paid for by the tourist tax