More than 200 establishments in Palma are holding events without permission. | P. Pellicer

The Abone clubs association has attacked town hall passivity, Palma’s in particular, in not clamping down on what it claims are illegal events that are harming legitimate businesses.

Jesús Sánchez, president of Abone, describes the situation as “unsustainable”. He maintains that illegal competition has caused a 40% decrease in businesses’ activity and argues that the future of these businesses is in jeopardy.

Faced by the increase in the number of events “at the margins of current law”, the association undertook a survey of its 82 members. Ninety per cent indicated that “unfair competition” was their main problem and has been for some years.

Sánchez says that more than 200 establishments in Palma are holding these events. They include private homes, hotels, bars and even bookshops. In addition, there are those held in outdoor public spaces that don’t conform with legislation that regulates their type of service.

Palma town hall inspections of music events have been cut, Sánchez adds, and these events include the so-called “tardeo” (which is a type of late afternoon/early evening party) for which a licence is required.

Town halls, and not just Palma, have been “lazy” in not responding to adverts for unlicensed parties and in not taking action against establishments which “organise events with total impunity, despite not having safety measures”.

The association president does hold Palma especially responsible for repeated failure to apply legislation governing opening hours and conditions at these establishments.
Playa de Palma and parts of the city centre are the worst areas in this regard.