Trotting races at Son Pardo racetrack. The racetrack will receive a grant of 300,000 euros. | Youtube: HIPSONPARDO

The Council of Majorca’s tourism and sports department will have a budget of 16.7 million euros in 2020. Of this, 6.4 million will be for tourism promotion to be principally aimed at Majorca’s four main markets - UK, Germany, Scandinavia and national.

The promotion will focus on the lower months of the year and highlight culture, gastronomy, nature and the luxury sector.

Town halls are to receive 300,000 euros in grants for promotion material, and the Council is to facilitate the establishment of tourist information offices in all municipalities.

Other spending includes 600,000 euros for the Mallorca Film Commission. This will go towards the Majorca cinema prizes, various events and promoting filming. A further 150,000 euros will be for promotion at overseas film festivals.

Sports Clubs

For sport, the total budget is 5.1 million euros. This will include just under one million euros in grants to sports clubs, 300,000 euros for sustainable energy at the Son Pardo Hippodrome and 713,000 euros for the Sant Ferran sports centre in Palma.

In more general terms, the Council has confirmed that the strategic plan for tourism promotion in Majorca - the first of its kind - will be ready by the middle of January.