Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez

The main aims of the programme are to address tourism seasonality.


The Calvia, Invierno Europeo (European Winter) programme has been running since 1992. The main aims of the programme are to address tourism seasonality and to boost economic activity during the winter months, thereby producing employment opportunities.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez has, as in previous years, signed agreements on behalf of the town hall with hotelier associations in Calvia for this winter’s programme. It will last until April, and features of it will include free excursions and activities. These cover anything from guided tours and workshops to concerts. The town hall places particular emphasis on Calvia’s natural, historical and cultural patrimony.

Schedules for this programme are drawn up on a monthly basis, and activities are available in different languages. As well as at hotels, registrations can be made at tourist information offices. Tour operators are also provided with details of the various activities and excursions. The town hall’s budget for this year’s programme has been increased by 4.4%.


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Steve Kane / Hace over 2 years

And again how much of our tourist tax money is being used ??