Brexit would have a permanent downward effect on UK travel

Brexit would have a permanent downward effect on UK travel.


The European Travel Commission, which comprises EU member states and non-EU countries such as Norway, has published its latest report. “European Tourism: Trends and Perspectives” concludes that a no-deal Brexit would have a permanent downward effect on UK travel and tourism across Europe.

The impact would differ country by country, but the report suggests that Spain would be the most affected. A combination of economic and non-economic factors would, the report states, result in a seven per cent decline in UK tourism in Europe in 2020.

This fall would be greater in 2021 - eight per cent. As for Spain, the calculation is a loss of 1.3 million visitors in 2021.

The market leader in terms of number of tourists, the UK provided 18.5 million tourists in 2018, 22% of the national total. The most worrying aspect would be that losses experienced by different countries would be permanent. The executive director of the commission, Eduardo Santander, says that despite the “very real challenges”, such as a potential no-deal Brexit and the collapse of certain airlines, European tourism and travel demand is otherwise “in a very good place, with constant increases in the number of tourists”.


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Stephen / Hace over 2 years

Majorca only has itself to blame for the decrease in UK tourists. By banning private villa and apartment rentals Majorca has in one fell swoop lost all the high spending Inderpendent tourists. Car hire down restaurants empty shops going bust. The greedy all inclusive hotels and their government friends have been left high and dry by the collapse of Thomas Cook. If the government had allowed private rentals to continue they place would not be like a ghost town, I’m here now and it’s a disaster for local businesses the Majorca government has sold their own people down the river.


Henrietta / Hace over 2 years

The year is 2020 and technology has changed the speed and ways of trade since the 1970s. All this scaremongering is appalling. If the UK is finally able to leave - trade will go on as companies only desire is PROFIT. We are prevented to trade usually only by Air Traffic Controller strikes and the French farmers whom blockade Calais with tractors.

We will regain our trading partners that we had to give up over the course of our membership due to not being allowed to continue. It was hard for Australia and New Zealand but they forged great trade expansion through Asia.

To being independent once again. We maybe a small island but within the world stage we are extremely well known. Our great asset is that we speak ENGLISH.

The UK will dominate, whilst the EU will spend years in its constant discussions to get anything done, or passed etc before reacting in the next Global Recession. With a negative European Central Bank currently it will be interesting to see where the EU can go in the next recession.


Bert / Hace over 2 years

Bob, you, like many other people seem to forget, or not take into account, that our trading partners ( present and future ) will be keener to sign a deal then the U.K. will. Or do you think that the Spanish, French and Germans will be prepared to wait weeks and months before selling us their vegetables, fish, wine and cars ? Don’t forget, in many cases we are buyers, not sellers. And buyers normally always have, as you must know, the upper hand.


Lawrie / Hace over 2 years

Bob, what about the Germans. Are they going to put austerity measures in place? After all they sell us countless billions worth of cars and electrical goods a year. 1 million cars for starters, work that out! Then there's the French, what about them? Think how much wine, cognac and champagne they sell us never mind the cars and food. Brexit no deal is always looked at from our prospective. When looked at from a European angle its they who should be worrying big time.


John Duckworth / Hace over 2 years

Dear Edmund, I'm afraid Bob has by far the more convincing and plausible argument re Brexit effects, than your 'johnny foreigner stopping us Brits taking our holidays' contribution. As they say, wake up and smell the coffee. Boris and Rees-Mogg et al are taking us down the pan As Bob says * if you have a couple of £mill hidden in a swiss bank account and a second home in .... Spain?, I would suggest the mainlining Brexiteers running the country have far more than such money and assets tucked away.


Brian / Hace over 2 years

In reality the problem will be the ever increasing cost of visiting Majorca not Brexit. So the true measure will be how many visitors other countries get after Brexit to measure against the number visiting Majorca/Spain . I worry that the officials will use Brexit as a reason for any fall in visitors rather than investigate what they have done to cause that to happen. After all the Government in Majorca has said many times they want to reduce the number of visitors to the islands or at least only get the visitors who spend more money. So they may well have their wishes come true.


Bob / Hace over 2 years

Well that was the whole point of being in the EU. You didn't need a visa now you will until the individual countries sign up to a new agreement? Spain already has a deal on the table.

The real problem will be the day to day living costs for the average brit. The government will need to borrow a lot of money to balance the books for a while (again until we get trade agreements back up) so austerity measures will have to increase and then that debt will have to be repaid. There's no way around the fact that any brexit will be painful for a few years until we find our feet again.Just put all your faith in Boris, it'll all be fine*. Meanwhile, staycations will become more popular...

* if you have a couple of £mill hidden in a swiss bank account and a second home in .... Spain?


Edmund Blackadder / Hace over 2 years

Rubbish, Brits are not going to stop going on holiday because of brexit. The only thing that will is if the EU put barriers such as travel visas in the way of us travelling within the EU on holiday.