The claims are mainly for flight delays, cancellations and loss of luggage. | TERESA AYUGA


Two more judges are to be made available to the commercial courts in the Balearics because of the increased number of claims being brought to the courts, especially claims against airlines.

At present there are some 9,000 outstanding claims against airlines. These mainly have to do with flight delays, cancellations and loss of luggage. The court procedure is comparatively simple - claimants don't, for example, have to appear in court - but the amount of claims has been clogging up the courts.

In 2013 there were only 137 claims of this type. By last year the number had risen to 2,800, and the claims continue to mount significantly. They usually result from the fact that airlines reject claims for compensation, leaving passengers with no other alternative but to go to court. In addition, there are claims against websites used by airlines.

Most cases go in favour of the claimants. Because of this, airlines tend not to bother appearing in court themselves, as they suggest there is some "bad faith" in the court proceedings.

The claims are, generally speaking, for small amounts, e.g. 250 euros for delays of more than three hours for flights of no more than 1,500 kilometres.