The decrease in services mainly affected the Palma to Marratxi line. | EUROPA PRESS - Europa Press - Eu


In 2020, the government will fully restore SFM train service frequencies that were cut 31% as the result of a prolonged industrial dispute that ended in March 2017. The government had promised that there would be full restoration of services.

At present, only 14% out of the 31% cuts have been restored.

In order to fully address SFM worker grievances regarding working hours, overtime and recruitment, the government has had to gradually increase the workforce. Transport minister Marc Pons says that an increase in the workforce is the only way that the service frequencies can be fully restored.

He had said that all the cuts would be rectified by September this year, but the date has now been moved to the new year, with 1.4 million euros from the government’s budget having been allocated to recruitment.

The reduction in frequencies has mainly affected journeys between Palma and Marratxi.