The suspect was guarded at Son Espases hospital

The suspect was guarded at Son Espases hospital.


A man has been arrested in Magalluf for an alleged assault on an employee in a bar.

The incident happened in the early hours of Sunday morning at Manos bar in Camí de sa Porrassa, where a Nigerian man was selling cologne in the men’s restroom. The defendant allegedly asked him for drugs, then insulted him and smashed a glass into his neck when he said he only sold cologne.

The victim was unconscious on the floor when the emergency services arrived and was taken to Son Espases hospital with serious injuries. The defendant, Juan Francisco F. C, was also taken to the hospital for treatment of cuts to his hand.


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Steve Kane / Hace over 2 years

Once again DRUGS the book should be thrown at the Defendant NO ifs or buts


Steve / Hace over 2 years

Any chance of your reporter learning how to spell Magaluf by any chance, you have wonder what else they may have got wrong...