E-scooter riders can now be fined between 200 and 1,000 euros for misuse. | Gemma Andreu

The national traffic directorate (DGT) has published provisional instructions for the use of personal mobility vehicles (PMV), among which are electric scooters.

The DGT says that this is in order to avoid confusion that exists among town halls, users and police. The assistant director for regulations, Javier Villalba, explains that formal regulation regarding these vehicles is currently being processed. It has been necessary to in the meantime clarify the situation.

The DGT defines a PMV as a vehicle with one or more wheels for one person that is propelled by electric motors and which can reach speeds of between six and 25 kilometres per hour.

Into this category fall electric scooters and Segways. Excluded from this category are mobility scooters and electric bikes, for which there is separate regulation. Villalba points out that certain PMVs are being purchased for which there should be compulsory insurance and permissions. These therefore have “benefits” over and above typical PMVs and are in breach of European traffic regulations.

Cheap to run
Users can be fined up to 500 euros and have their vehicles immobilised. Villalba stresses that it is important that users know their rights and their obligations.

“They have to understand the risks, just the same as they would with a car.”

Electric scooters have risen enormously in popularity in the last year and are now considered a convenient method of transport. More and more people are opting to use scooters to get to work in the mornings or to move around towns and cities. The benefits of these scooters are clear: they are quick, cheap to run and can be folded and carried around easily.

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Among the rules as regulations currently apply are:

  • 1. Users can be subject to alcohol and drugs tests. Fines are between 500 and 1,000 euros. At the time of a test being positive, the PMV will be immobilised.
  • 2. The use of phones and headphones is banned. The fine is 200 euros.
  • 3. The vehicles cannot be used in pedestrianised areas or on pavements. The fine is 200 euros, although this may depend on town hall bylaws.
  • 4. Only one person can use the vehicle. If there are two people, the fine is 100 euros.
  • 5. Riding a vehicle at night without lights and reflective clothing is subject to a 200 euros fine.