The Guardia Civil and the National Police guard the drug packed submarine intercepted with more than 3,000 kilos of cocaine in the Aldán estuary. | EFE

A Galician man who’s now resident in Palma has been arrested in connection with the drug-packed submarine that was found off the coast of Aldán.

The suspect, who’s originally from Vigo allegedly controlled the shipment of 3,025 kilos of cocaine found onboard the vessel.

He appeared in court in Valencia yesterday on charges of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal group and will remain in custody until the trial.

Five other people, three crew and two ground support staff, who were arrested in are also in jail.

The half-sunk submarine was abandoned in an area of the Morrazo peninsula, on the Galician coast by its three-man crew.

It was towed into Aldán harbour by a tugboat and two fishing boats but the harnesses holding the floats broke as they tried to get the 22-metre long submarine onto the access ramp and sank 10 metres under water.

When agents were eventually able to board the submarine they discovered a haul of cocaine worth 100 million euros.

Guardia Civil, National Police and Customs Surveillance personnel took part in operation 'Black Tide’ and investigators believe that the traffickers planed to transfer the cocaine to a fishing boat in the area.